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Do you ever come to San Diego? I'd like to take you to a cool organic spot for dinner and talk poetry. Not only are you gorgeous, you seem smart and vivacious too. Instagram needs to get direct message or something already, haha <3

Thank you. Yes I’ve been to SD. Love it there. Great waves out there. Food and poetry couples quite nice love the sound of that!

22.Aug.13 1 year ago

Train of fools

There are skies and there is space between  where you and I reside my arms reach then mind. heart follows collectively join forces crusading to you at freight trains pace.
Waging battles with phantom love.  This armour is wearing and digging, the very skin it was intended to protect
ironic bloodletting 
I pass you over and over. 
Never turning over your tracks  What I’d give for a derailment of  catastrophic proportion.

22.Aug.13 1 year ago

I exist in two places.
Here, and where you are.

Margaret Atwood, Selected Poems (1965-1975)


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